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A bird sings because it has a song

by Alejandro Mos Riera



“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

— Maya Angelou

❦ ❦ ❦

I tried to explain to him that this rhapsody of incoherent
terms was precisely the opposite of a system of numbers. I told
him that saying 365 meant saying three hundreds, six tens, five
ones, an analysis which is not found in the '~numbers" The Negro
Timoteo or meat blanket. Funes did not understand me or refused
to understand me.

Locke, in the seventeenth century, postulated (and rejected) an
impossible language in which each individual thing, each stone,
each bird and each branch, would have its own name; Funes once
projected an analogous language, but discarded it because it
seemed too general to him, too ambiguous. In fact, Funes remembered not only every leaf of every tree of every wood, but also every
one of the times he had perceived or imagined it. He decided to
reduce each of his past days to some seventy thousand memories,
which would then be defined by means of ciphers. He was dissuaded from this by two considerations: his awareness that the
task was interminable, his awareness that it was useless. He
thought that by the hour of his death he would not even have
finished classifying all the memories of his childhood.

Funes the Memorious, A short story by Jorge Luis Borges


released August 26, 2020

“A bird sings because it has a song”

Ambient experimental album created by birds.

Sounds translated to human music by Alejandro Mos Riera, August 2020.




Alejandro Mos Riera Asturias, Spain

Alejandro Mos Riera is a Spanish polymath. Poet, writer, journalist, editor, painter, photographer, musician, director and filmmaker.

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